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What About The Wall?

Children play at a newly built section of the U.S.-Mexico border wall at Sunland Park, U.S. opposite the Mexican border city of Ciudad JuarezWe seem divided about The Wall that the President proposes (pun intended). I’m sure my opinion will be taken into consideration in Washington when it comes to build or not to build, as are all my opinions. It’s just a matter of time to receive my routine call from the White House.

I admit that neither construction nor political science is my forte, but what I do know something about is the Bible. And when I heard someone argue for The Wall on the basis that “they had walls in Bible times, therefore walls are good,” I couldn’t help but chime in.

“Jerusalem has a wall,” they say, “a pretty big one by ancient standards, built, no doubt, by the ancients to keep their enemies out. So what’s the problem with us having our own wall? It’s in the Bible, isn’t it? There’s even an entire Bible book (Nehemiah) devoted to rebuilding Jerusalem’s wall.” Continue reading


A Kinder-Gentler Donald Trump

trumps-temperI’d like to reverse my position on Donald Trump, who has undergone a “conversion” of sorts. I don’t know if you’ve noticed it but he’s a different man since he hired his most recent campaign staff. He displays a clear softening of his former bravado-laden rhetoric and a much more humane approach lately. Let me explain…

It’s no secret that just a few short weeks back he came across as a bigoted bully and hater of all things un-Trump. He spewed venomous jabs at women, immigrants, Mexicans, Muslims, democrats, and any man endowed with a less than manly “size.” But he’s a changed man now. A number of Evangelical leaders say as much, so it must be true.

In fact, one highly respected Christian theologian calls him “a good candidate with flaws.” I would propose that those alleged “flaws” were more illusory than real anyway. Either way they’re water under the bridge now. The things he said before about – – – pretty much everyone that wasn’t him are no longer part of his repertoire. Those views of his are so last week, so get over it! Continue reading