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Morning Contemplation

I’ve always been weak on waiting, not just waiting on God, but waiting on––or for––just about anyone or anything. If there’s such a thing as a “gift of waiting” I either didn’t get that one or I did but I buried it somewhere along the line so as not to have to use it.

My friend, Stuart must’ve sensed this when he gave me a copy of Thomas Merton’s book, The Seeds of Contemplation. I’m now a Merton fan. He was a pretty smart guy, but more, a guy who spent a lot of time waiting on God. That’s sort of the job description of a Trappist monk I think. They’re professional waiters (so to speak).

Anyway, on a prayer retreat last month I read the book while listening to 1970s Jesus albums (yes, the vinyl kind) that my host left in the garage of his house. The two seemed to go together somehow. Continue reading


“Good Worship”??? (part 2)

This is my 3rd post about worship and worship leading. In the 1st one (“Worshippers and their Leaders”) I shared some thoughts about how we might take a serious look at the way we “do worship” in the church, especially if we want to make “worshipping disciples” along the way. In the 2nd offering I talked about the phrase “Good Worship,” and how much it irritates me to hear it! I proposed that we might replace it with something like, “Good worshippers,” which seems to me to be much more in line with God’s concern. In this one I want to talk about what my charismatic friends will most likely have on their minds when they think of “good worship.”  In fact, recently I had a conversation on this topic with a couple of my friends (charismatics both), a distillation of which I’d like to share with you. Continue reading