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James on Justice (An Appeal for Classless Christianity) James 4:1-17

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This is the 7th in a series of posts on the epistle of James. I put the highlights here in the blog and then unpack it in my podcast. I encourage you to listen to it in order to connect the dots and get the meat of the teaching.

A lot of Christians seem to be just as obsessed as any pre-christian with wealth, social status, power, and personal pleasure…

James wrote some pretty severe things. And he was writing to the Church, not to the National Association of Atheists!

The Christians he addressed were fighting for more possessions, for a better class, for a better social position, a better socioeconomic status… Continue reading


What does Jesus Want From Me? (Part 1 of 2)

rich-young-rulerLet’s look at the stories of two men and their money. These are two guys with a lot of money, actually. Both of them had an encounter with Jesus, who challenged their love affair with their stuff. The first guy probably inherited his money, while the second man got his by extorting his own countrymen. They were both devoted to their wealth but only one of them was willing to part ways with as much of it as his born-again conscience insisted. The other, rather than part ways with his money, parted ways with Jesus.

A Rich Young Ruler 

The rich young ruler sought Jesus out to ask him how he could acquire eternal life. Jesus told him to give all his money away and then come back and follow him. Since the man preferred his wealth to eternal life and to following the Son of God he walked away sad. He chose gloom and money over God and meaning. Continue reading