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Where This “Snowflake” Lands

snowflakesHere is some friendly pushback to the rebuttals I received on a recent Facebook post of mine in which I linked an article from the New York Daily News by Shaun King. The gist of the article was that the President-Elect and his proposed cabinet are not as educated as our current President and his advisors and what that might mean about their relative preparedness. While a number of people disputed the premise, I agreed with King’s thesis.

As to the value of advanced degrees for people running our country, I point out that no one is saying that education is everything. It’s not, by any means, everything, but it is something, something important for people in such important positions of power. I offer a parallel or two. Continue reading


A Comic, a Candidate, and a Few Bad Cops

What Do They Have in Common?

oppression“Do unto those downstream as you would have those upstream do unto you.” Wendell Berry

The righteous care about justice for the poor, but the wicked have no such concern. Proverbs 29:7

I offer these brief thoughts as sort of an addendum to my previous posts called,What Should We Do?” wherein I talked about the kingdom way of using wealth, leverage, and power. Here I’d like to use the actions of a comic, a candidate, and a few bad cops who have used these for bad instead of good.

The comedian to whom I refer is Bill Cosby, the cops are those who shoot first and ask questions later, and you might guess the identity of the candidate. I’m aware that Cosby hasn’t been conclusively proven guilty of numerous aggravated sexual assaults in a court of law. I know that many of the cases in which cops have been implicated of police brutality and murder are still pending. Let’s assume for argument’s sake that there is some truth to the accusations of guilt in at least some of these cases. Continue reading

A Kinder-Gentler Donald Trump

trumps-temperI’d like to reverse my position on Donald Trump, who has undergone a “conversion” of sorts. I don’t know if you’ve noticed it but he’s a different man since he hired his most recent campaign staff. He displays a clear softening of his former bravado-laden rhetoric and a much more humane approach lately. Let me explain…

It’s no secret that just a few short weeks back he came across as a bigoted bully and hater of all things un-Trump. He spewed venomous jabs at women, immigrants, Mexicans, Muslims, democrats, and any man endowed with a less than manly “size.” But he’s a changed man now. A number of Evangelical leaders say as much, so it must be true.

In fact, one highly respected Christian theologian calls him “a good candidate with flaws.” I would propose that those alleged “flaws” were more illusory than real anyway. Either way they’re water under the bridge now. The things he said before about – – – pretty much everyone that wasn’t him are no longer part of his repertoire. Those views of his are so last week, so get over it! Continue reading

Jesus For President!

WriteInJesusOn Facebook I posted a document crafted by fifty-five Christian leaders on why Donald Trump is not a good candidate for president. I received a record number of responses, most of them negative. So I decided, rather than to respond at length on Facebook, to share some of my thoughts here.

I admit that I’m a preacher and not a politics junky. I seldom dive into the sewage of political banter. But it’s my observation that Donald Trump’s candidacy is less about politics and more about how we view and treat one another in our country and around the world. So, here we go.

A couple of people reported that Trump treats his employees with kindness. If true, that certainly speaks well of him, and I’m glad to hear it. But his repeated insults of other races, women, the President, and other candidates, to my mind, “trump” any reports of him being a nice boss.

Someone else mentioned that he has “good kids,” and I can only hope they are. I don’t know them. But again, when it comes to holding the Commander in Chief of the best country in the world, I don’t believe that good parenting skills speaks louder than most everything he says and stands for. Continue reading

DTs and the Presidential Campaign

good choiceSix months ago when it seemed that the presidential race rhetoric couldn’t get any more out of balance I posted a two-parter called: “The Beauty of Balance.” I couldn’t have imagined that it was only the beginning of our country’s out-of-whackness. When the rhetoric of presidential candidates (and the pundits thereof) morphed into childish name-calling – secular and supposed Christian alike – I followed those witty compositions with an even wittier three-part series called “The Libel of Labels.”

I had hoped that we would have shaken ourselves back to a saner place by now, but shockingly, none of these Pulitzer-worthy pieces stemmed the advancing tide of national vitriol and venom! After all, I do have more than a few close friends who owe me money and a couple family members who know how cranky I can be at holiday gatherings if they can’t produce proof that they’ve been following what I type till my fingers bleed. Passive-aggressive guilt-heaping is the tactic I use when indebtedness and crankiness doesn’t work. Continue reading