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The Moral Governor (Part 2 of 2)

humilityIn Part 1 I made the audacious claim that the privileged inherit most of the power and the powerful end up with most of the privileges. If power corrupts then privilege is blind. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s something I call a “moral governor” that the privileged and powerful must acquire in order to benefit society.

I mentioned that there were two centurions in the New Testament that were equipped with the same moral governor that kept their power and privilege in check. You might have guessed that the second centurion was Cornelius, the one who Peter evangelized in Acts 10.

We’re told that Cornelius, who, like the other centurion, was “generous with those in need” and “respected by all the Jews.” When Peter entered his house, the mighty commander of soldiers “fell at his feet in reverence.” Far from your typical power hungry leader, this was a humane and humble-hearted man. Continue reading


What God is Like (Musings on the character of God) #13

Perfectly wise…

“… the only wise God” Romans 16:27

I include it in a discussion about God’s character because wisdom is not the acquisition of a lot of knowledge or some higher form of intelligence. They say, “If you want knowledge go to college,” but wisdom is not gained in a class or a textbook; it’s a moral thing, a matter of character. “Wisdom” is knowing what to do, having the desire to do it, and the will to go ahead and do it. It may begin with knowledge, but then resolves itself like a good melody into character. Wise people, says Solomon – a converted Solomon – have moral integrity; they have character. Continue reading