Dad book cover 1The Other End of the Dark: A Memoir About Divorce, Cancer, and Things God Does Anyway

In one two-month period, Barney Wiget lost his marriage, pastoral ministry, income, and health to bone marrow cancer. In The Other End of the Dark he describes, in both heartrending and humorous tones, his grief process and emergence into a season of fulfilling and fruitful service.

You won’t find an “I-have-more-faith-than-you-do” brand of Christianity here, but a candid description of a God-trust in progress. He proposes no “mind over matter” approach to faith, but shows how God can take excruciating circumstances and weave them into his excellent plan.

Barney’s “small place in God’s big plan” continues to unfold today into a “simple single life of service” in San Francisco’s most destitute neighborhoods. He shares stories of mentoring young spiritual leaders, befriending homeless hippie travellers, and preaching on urine-soaked downtown street corners.

 Reaching Rahab: Joining God in His Quest for Friends
Coming February 2018